The concept of Biology as a science that studies life nowadays contemplates the minimal units of construction of living beings, to the interaction and effects of the environment and other abiotic factors in the construction and profile of life on Earth.

From the analysis of the performance of genes, the mechanisms that lead to the formation and existence of tissues, organs and organisms in a state of balance or homeostasis are decoded. It studies and contemplates the influence and effect of relationships or branches that are established between species in phylogenetic or ecological terms; the ecological and reproductive strategies developed to allow the survival of the species; as well as inter- and intra-specific interactions, in the functioning and establishment of ecosystems, and in the construction of biomes.

Evolution, as a process of diversification, survival and extinction of living beings, shows the integration of all the previous parameters as gears of a machine in constant movement and constant reconfiguration that has led to the structure, diversity and interactions between living beings today.

The project of New biology comes from the idea of ​​reinterpreting the present world in alternative worlds or alternative scenarios, taking back the roll and the vision of the old naturalists; we applied a methodology that uses expedition as a performative strategy to discover, document and analyze new species founded in remnants or scattered residues within the urban environment: the new environment.

The purpose is to rethink and reinterpret the existence and evolution of both species and ecosystems in the fantastic context in which they are; based on the speculation of species, environmental conditions and factual and imaginary ecological relations.

Participants: Blanca Laura Rodríguez, Tilemy Santiago Gómez, Elda Ortiz Rivas, Aurea Rojano, Massiel Morales, Patricia Tovar and Miriam Sanabria.

Guest artists: Nelson Medina, Arian Dylan.