How does the relationship between emotion and memory manifest in our personal stories and in our collective or historical «big stories»?

This project shows the relationship between the social, the personal and the emotional through a strategy of gathering objects valued for their affective sense, for being bearers of a memory and having a life of their own, through spatial and temporal dimensions, keep fundamental emotions for each person, from the painful to the joyful, including those objects endowed with more than one emotion.

The gathering of these objects is done by means of a personal invitation, in response to it, a written record of the story or trajectory of the object is requested; then the story is recorded in an audio that becomes a presentation of the memory, with this material a file is made, which is unfolded in a sound of brief emotional stories with which the public can connect, and be reminded of their own objects of emotional memory.

We are interested in generating a Museum of Emotions, which starts at the bottom to expand our collection of magical objects by their emotional strength.

Participants: Blanca Laura Rodríguez, Tilemy Santiago Gómez, Elda Ortiz Rivas, Aurea Rojano, Massiel Morales, Patricia Tovar and Miriam Sanabria.

Guest artists: Nelson Medina, Arian Dylan.