A fundamental aspect of the process that is lived in Sombrero Invisible (Invisible Hat) is the ethnographic documentation that follows meticulously every day of work and every interaction.

Registration is done using a written field diary, photographic documentation and drawing; the purpose is to account for the complex process of collaboration that occurs during the four months of the laboratory. The writing and documentation is guided by subjectivity, it does not try to generate an «objective description» but a sensible approach, a personal and collective realization that is triggering a series of ideas that are set in motion to finally materialize in some way and be shared with the public.

Participants: Blanca Laura Rodríguez, Tilemy Santiago Gómez, Elda Ortiz Rivas, Aurea Rojano, Massiel Morales, Patricia Tovar and Miriam Sanabria.

Guest artists: Nelson Medina, Arian Dylan.